Old bags – A reminder for those who get confused

Just for those of you who need a reminder about what goes in which bin / bag / box.

It’s simple. The old Blue top bin is replaced by the Blue box bin, Brown and smaller Grey lidded bin. The big Black bin is still the big Black bin, but there’s more stuff now that can go in the Blue box bin and the Red bag bin – which incidentally are both green bins whilst not actually being green bins. The Red bag bin doesn’t replace any bin, as there wasn’t a bin for the items that now go in the Red bag bin. The Brown lidded bin is a larger, outside version of the Grey lidded bin, for food waste such as peelings and bones; this is used with small
bio-degradable bags, not plastic bags. Plastic bags go in the old Black top bin unless they are bio-degradable, they then can go in the Brown lidded bin. The Red bag bin is a Red bag, which is a bin for paper products but not cartons or big books, which go in the Blue box bin. The Green big bin is an extra bin you can buy for garden clippings etc., these clippings aren’t to go in the big Black bin or the Blue box bin or big Black bag or Red bag bin or any other bin.
The big Black bin or big Black bag is collected weekly, along with the Grey lidded bin which should be emptied into the Brown lidded bin. The Blue box bin is collected on alternate weeks to the Red bag bin, so these two bag/bins should not be put out together for the weekly collection.
Blue bins and Black bags and bins, blue and brown boxes and red bags should be retrieved into the boundary of your property as soon as possible after collection
Now, is that clear?

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